Revitalize your ‘Great I am’ Experience
We offer several helpful ways to revitalize your ‘Great I am’ experience:

• The history and foundation of meditation
• A unique meditation process
• Audio meditation tutorials
• Short stories to start your meditation
• How to articles on storytelling
• How to articles on starting meditation groups
• Adventure stories which reveal the ‘Great I am’ in action
• Workshops and online coaching
• Living Bible Stories®
• Browse our web site and visit these powerful Revitalizing In-sites.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Revitalizing In-sight representative, we want to hear from you.

Moses said to the ‘Great I am’, “What do I say your name is?” the ‘Great I am’ said, “I-am-האיה-I-am.”

~Exodus 3:13b-14a

האיה – your “essence of being” or “dynamic essence”

Meditation Workshops and Coaching
Whether you are just beginning to awaken and consider meditation, or have practiced some form of traditional meditation, or would like to start a meditation group, Revitalizing In-sight offers a variety of workshops geared toward your needs.

The following interactive workshops are all one hour in length and include time for Questions & Answers.

“Bartholomew spellbound the congregation for twenty minutes, with engagement, intensity, nearness and power. I recommend Richard Matthews from the bottom of my heart.”

~ Anders Svensson, Assistant to the Bishop, United Methodist Church

“I didn’t know Bartholomew. I had never heard him say a word. All of a sudden he became real. I felt his pain - it had been mine. I felt his joy - he convinces us that faith can be found today. Don’t hesitate to let Bartholomew introduce Jesus to your friends!”

~ Bishop Hans Växby, United Methodist Church, Eurasia, Russia

“Richard Matthews’ inspiring, dynamic and evangelical way of portraying the gospel has been very well received in many of our congregations and at a pastor’s retreat. I warmly recommend that Bartholomew visit you. His message is unforgettable, and Richard’s lecture gives you tools for using drama in worship.”

~ Ulla Sköldh Jonsson, Priest, Emmaboda Lutheran Church

“Thank you so much for your presentation of Bartholomew. When I heard you do that character I felt like I was in the presence of Bartholomew himself. You have a marvelous way of taking yourself out of the production and allowing the audience to experience the living Bartholomew.”

~ John Blackadar, former District Superintendent, New Hampshire District, United Methodist Church