We see many people connecting with the ‘Great I Am’ within them. We also see the abusive human powers that are leading the human race to their doom in the Middle East. We see the dark side of the Roman Catholic institution as they try to burn Hayah at the stake. We also get to see the miracles that help the connected people to find the Love-light and survive.

“Moses said to the ‘Great I Am’, “What do I say your name is?” the ‘Great I Am’ said, “I-Am-האיה-I-Am.”

~Exodus 3:13b-14a

האיה – your “essence of being” or “dynamic essence”

In (Hayah Series 3) THE LOVE-LIGHT’S POWER

Hayah comes to the Americas, the US, Canada, and Mexico, to spread the Love-light. Slowly the people find the ‘Great I Am’ within themselves and the Love-light grows. Yet the radical right of D. Dump, the Christian Right and the KKK try to destroy the Love-light and wipe them off the face of the earth. Then the Covid-19 pandemic hits. The ‘Great I Am’ within us protects those that connect and helps them see the virus in others and avoid it. Thus, the power of the Love-light grows. Ultimately, Hayah must face all the radicals as they meet to assassinate him.