The Meditation Bible


Here, the story of creation explains how we got into this mess. The Meditation map will show you the way out of it. This unique meditation process will help you connect to the ‘Great I am’ within you. Prepare to discover your life’s purpose.

What you’ll be getting.

With the purchase of The Meditation Bible, you will be getting a digital copy of the book in PDF format, as well as an easy to download MP3 Audio tutorial, with three classes linked to different sections of the book.

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Dispelling the myths of all institutional religions. Uncovering the real meaning hidden in the sacred texts. Discovering the presence of the ‘Great I Am’ within you. ‘I am’ is as real as your next breath.

The Meditation Bible will show you where and how to connect with ’I am’. This book will turn everything up-side-down that you thought you knew about a supernatural spiritual being up in the heavens. It exposes the myth of our human rational thoughts and ego and guides you to the reality of your inner-being and the inner-being of all things.

Like the great prophets, sages and ancient visionaries, this book will show you the true path to finding your own inner peace, your real In-Light. Here, you will learn how to listen to and how to be aware of your body. Here you will learn how to find ‘I am’s Love-light within you. Here, you will discover ‘I am’s voice to guide you. This meditation process is as easy as 1-2-3.

Connect with the ‘Great I Am’ within you, and you will discover the purpose of your life.