Jan 29, 2018

Your ‘Great I Am’ center is going proactive.  He/She is calling you, “Why are you not connecting to me?  Are you listening?  I see, you are caught up in your busy schedule.  Hello out there.  I’m still inside you.  Hello!  All right, you leave me no choice.”



Elaine’s Story

Elaine was working on her computer at the office one day, when a new screen popped up.  She saw her name spelled out and heard it spoken, “Elaine!”  She looked around the office.  No one was watching her.  She typed in “Hello.”

The words came back, “Something wonderful is going to happen and I want you to be my messenger.”

Elaine was curious.  She wrote, “Who are you?”  The words came up on the screen, the ‘Great I Am.’  Elaine just sat there starring at the screen for the longest time.

Finally, Elaine wrote, “I can’t do this.  I Am not clean enough.  There must be someone else, who can do this for you.”  She turned off the computer and went home sick.
Elaine spent the next two years getting her life in order.  She made restitution for every little thing she ever did wrong.  She repented and prayed.  She prayed and repented.  She gave up her job, so her wrong doings would not reflect badly on her company.  She left her husband, who was a sociopath.  He tried to have her committed for being delusional.  The doctors put her on drugs to get the God thoughts out of her mind.  However, she hung in there and freed herself from unclean people, unclean acts, and unclean thoughts.  In short, she cleaned up her act.  She poured herself into a life of good works.

Now that she thought she was ready, she sat down at a computer and typed in the words, “Well, ‘Great I Am,’ here I Am.”  There was no response.  She typed in, “Here I Am, ‘Great I Am.’  What is the wonderful thing that is going to happen?”  There was no response.  Elaine sat there all day waiting for The God Software to come on line.  It didn’t come.


Robert’s Story

Robert was a computer game junky, who played computer games every night, sometimes until three o’clock in the morning.  Once he got started, he couldn’t stop.  He lost all track of time.  He lost all track of his friends.  He even lost track of himself.

One day he was playing a game and a new screen popped up.  He saw his name spelled out and heard it spoken, “Robert!”  He swore and hit Escape.  Nothing happened.  He swore again and hit Escape harder and harder over and over again.  Nothing happened.  He was in a panic.  He tried control-alt-delete.  Nothing happened.  He stared at the screen, watching the cursor blink.  Finally, he typed in the question, “Yes?”

The words came back, “Something wonderful is going to happen, and I want you to be my messenger.”  Robert was curious.  He wrote, “Who are you?”  The words came up on the screen, the ‘Great I Am.’

Robert became super polite and wrote, “Thank you Sir, but I think you have the wrong Robert.”  He reached down and turned off the power to the computer.


Mary’s Story

Mary was fourteen and she loved to surf on the Net.  One day a new screen popped up.  She saw her name spelled out and heard it spoken, “Mary!”  She typed in “Hi.”

The words came back, “Something wonderful is going to happen, and I want you to be my messenger.”

Mary wrote, “Who are you?”  The words came up on the screen, the ‘Great I Am.’  Mary wrote, “Are you really ‘Great I Am,’ like THE REAL ‘Great I Am’?”

God wrote, “I Am Hayah I Am.”

Mary went down and got her mother, “Mom, you’ve got to come and see this.  The ‘Great I Am’ is on the Internet.”

Her mother goes, “Duh! What are you into now?”  She runs up the stairs and into Mary’s room.  She reads what is on the screen and turns to Mary, “How did you get into this?”

Mary explained that it just popped onto the screen.

Her mother started shouting, “Close the Internet!  Get off line!”  She reached over Mary’s shoulder and started pushing keys.  The Internet closed down, but when it finished the ‘Great I Am’ Software was still on the screen.  She went ballistic; “It’s a virus!  Shut down the machine!”  The God Software struggled to stay on, fighting the Shutdown command.  The machine whirred and beeped.  Mary’s mother started screaming; “Look what you’ve done!  Look what you’ve done!”  Finally, the safe turn off message appeared, and her mother quickly turned off the machine.

Mary asked her mother, “What if that was really ‘Great I Am’?”

Her mother walked out of the room mumbling, “Don’t be ridiculous.”


The ‘Great I Am’ says, “Well so much for computers!  What should I try next?  Should I write a book, make a movie, send a Prophet?  No, I have done those already.  I got it!  I’ll make some ‘Great I Am’ candy.”


Do you need help to find the “Great I am” center in yourself?

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