On any fine day, you could always see Lady Goose and Great Dane walking and talking together in the barnyard.

Lady Goose was old and wise with rich experiences.  She spent many a summer mealtime around the Parson’s picnic table.  The Parson had eight children, so there were always plenty of half-eaten corncobs.  She loved listening to the Parson’s wife, who was constantly confronting the Parson’s strange notions.

Great Dane was the Parson’s best friend and faithful companion.  He was only twenty years old in dog years.  The Parson took him every place he went, including meetings and camp gatherings.  He heard the Parson practice his sermons repeatedly.  By Sunday, he knew them better than the Parson did.

Now, As Lady Goose and Great Dane walked past the horse trough, she asked, “What’s all this nonsense I’ve been hearing about humans being in charge of everything?”

“That’s the word,” Great Dane replied.  “I know it sounds strange, but apparently that’s how it’s supposed to be.”

Lady Goose hissed, “Ridiculous!  That’s like the Parson saying he’s in charge of his wife.  She may let him think it, but it’s the furthest thing from the truth.  It’s like me saying I’m in charge of six eggs or six hungry goslings.  I sit on the eggs because the eggs require it of me.  I feed the hungry goslings because their open mouths require it of me.”

“You have a point, Lady Goose, but I do what my master tells me to do.”

“Only because he does what you want to do eighty percent of the time.  You’re the Great Dane around here.”

“Arf, arf, arf,” Great Dane laughed.  “I’m that transparent?”

“Gaggle, gaggle,” Lady Goose giggled.  “You got it big boy.  None of us is an angel, not even the Parson.”

Great Dane had to let this sink in before responding, “Yep, but he’s a lovable gosling just like all humans!  I think there’s hope for the Parson.”

“Maybe, but don’t you see, the One is in us, always has been.  His Love-light is part of us.”

Great Dane responded, “That’s why we have to let them be in charge.  One day they’ll find the Love-light too.”

“You’re right.  They are our children, and our Love-light shall feed them.”

These animals already live the truth we need to discover, to be in charge is to be a servant to everyone and everything.